Water Proof Blue Shoe Covers - Includes 3 Boxes of 50 Pair For 150 Pair Per Case

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Save $40 when you buy 4 or more...  Our waterproof shoe covers will help you stay dry in and out of the home.

NOTE: *Orders outside the contiguous United States standard shipping rates apply.  Call for pricing. 

Blue Waterproof shoe covers protect against rain, snow, mud, and ice.
Shoe Covers come in 2 quantities:
Case of Disposable Shoe Covers   = 150 pairs (300 pcs) 
Box of   Disposable Shoe Covers  =   50 pairs (100 pcs) 

Other Colors Available: Red  Blue  Gray  Black


Blue Waterproof Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable Blue Waterproof Shoe Covers

These Blue waterproof shoe covers are made with a plastic material that keeps water out. Our Blue Shoe covers are true waterproof not to be confused with water resistant products. The shoe covers have an elastic band at the top to allow for slipping on and off quickly. One size fits most. Buy by the box (50 pr), by the case(150 pr), or 4 or more cases (600 pr) for the greatest savings.

Techwear Waterproof Shoe Covers

First impressions count! The Blue Waterproof Shoe Covers are designed for severe weather conditions. For best results choose a bright color when ordering, this allows the client to see that you care for thier home.