EVERLAST RED Washable Shoe Covers

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RED Washable Shoe Covers EVERLAST Quality 

EVERLAST RED Shoe Covers are an affordable way to avoid costly property damage that can potentially make you lose a customer. They are the number one choice among professional contractors because of our quality materials and affordable pricing. 

EVERLAST RED Shoe Covers are constructed with a premium nylon material -- the same material used to manufacture such items as luggage, tarps, and backpacks. The fabric is extremely durable and permanently sealed with a finish that offers a moisture barrier that will not leave wet or dirty tracks. The sole is made from a rugged, waterproof, non-slip material. 

WASHABLE... Just toss your EVERLAST Shoe Covers in your washing machine with regular detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. Machine wash cold and air dry.

Techwear RED Waterproof Shoe Covers

First impressions count! These Waterproof Shoe Covers are designed for severe weather conditions. For best results choose a bright color when ordering, this allows the client to see that you care for thier home.